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a wooden block spelling passover next to a bouquet of flowers

EAL #12 – Exile and Redemption 

The Beautiful Conundrum of Family If you think you’re enlightened, spend a week with your family. (Ram Dass) In the last letter (there’s no “news” here, so “letter” will do I think), I talked about

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two hands about to hold wallpaper

EAL #11 – The Distance Between Us

Do Other People Exist? We are all solipsists, we don’t really believe other people exist. For the most part, we see people through the lens of the emotional impressions they make on us (a la

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broken heart hanging on wire

EAL #10 – Broken and Beautiful

I’m Broken and I’m Beautiful (Broken and Beautiful, Kelly Clarkson) Somewhere, somehow, I learned I wasn’t beautiful. Somewhere, somehow, I learned to hide myself away, stuffing slices of my soul into dark corners. I started

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close-up photo of fire at nighttime

EAL #7 – Touching the Fire

But there’s a fire inside, when I’m falling over (Fire, by U2) We run from discomfort. We flee from difficult feelings like Bambi running from a forest fire. It’s a reflex — there’s a fire

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hand with flower

EAL #5 – The Cultivation of Okayness

The Cultivation of Okayness Last we chatted I was talking about how we can learn to be okay with whatever is here, how we can “normalize” the full range of our experience. I like to

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